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TV Should Be Canceled?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

In modern decorating, people may be more inclined to unite with style. If your sitting room is decorated with the style of a primitive simplicity and classic, and you may want the occurrence of TV would not be able to affect original style, so it needs ingenious TV-Hiding trick at this time.

And the problem comes, how to conceal the television at the same time can make the home installs a style to unite again?

barn door hardware kit.jpg

Let's let our mini sliding barn door system to solve this problem. The mini barn door can cover up the entire TV, which you can watch as needed by simply pulling it apart. You can just close the door when you don’t need, completely do not affect the appearance. And the door can be painted in the color you want according to your style, and the track can choose the style you want. Spark Hardware has got all kinds of decor for you. Come and choose.