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The Method Of Choosing Indoor Door
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Four look

A look at the face (shape and paint);

Second look proof (poisonous substance content);

Three look material (solid wood quality);

Four as workers (whether the size of the rules, fit).

Only master this "four see", will not Marina in the maze of the door.

A listen Selection of solid wood doors can be the door of the thickness, but also can be used to knock on the façade, if the sound even dull, it shows that the door quality is better. Weight: General wooden door of the higher proportion of solid wood, the door will be more heavy. If it is pure solid wood doors, the surface of the pattern is very irregular.

A glance past, the door surface pattern smooth and neat and beautiful, often not real solid wood door.

Paint As a set of wooden door factory processing of the late process, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use of the effect.

At the same time the cost of painting is also one of the biggest cost of wood door. The type of paint is roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, polyester paint and pu paint. Phenolic paint and alkyd paint because of the paint film texture and adhesion is poor, basically in the decoration of the elimination, a large number of use is nitro paint, polyester paint and high-grade furniture used in PU paint.

Nitrocellulose paint because of the relatively simple construction, suitable for manual operation, by most of the hand-decorated wood to do use, but its thin film, feel bad, the effect is not ideal. Due to the cost of processing tools and equipment problems, the market 90% of the set of wooden doors using polyester paint, a small number of manufacturers using PU paint.

In general, polyester paint and pu paint to go through the color, three sides of the six-way, and some brands to increase the curing and wax-applying process. Therefore, in the selection of wooden doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered, it directly affects the texture, feel, moisture, environmental protection, durability, yellowing resistance and so on.