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Spark's Soft-Close Mechanism
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Spark's Barn Door Hardware is predrilled to accommodate a Soft-Close Mechanism.

While not exactly a new feature, a controlled, quiet closing isn’t necessarily a given with a sliding barn door. So be sure to check into soft-close if you plan to add one of these space-saving doors to your home.

What do we mean by soft close?

First of all, imagine you have a barn door or two. Then imagine giving the door a push … and having it slide quickly across its track, hitting the door stop with a bang. Think of this repeating many times a day. 

Now imagine giving the door a push and, a few inches from its target, it catches slightly at the top, slows down and ends its journey with a smooth, quiet open or close.

The controlled, soundless movement is made possible by a mechanism attached to each end of the track that catches and slows the door down before it makes contact with the door stop. This soft-close mechanism ensures that the door makes a consistent, smooth and quiet movement whether it’s being opened or closed.

Why look for soft-close?

This is an aesthetically pleasing effect – barely audible sound and a smooth, gliding “self” close – and it is advantageous in several ways.

--Sound of silence. Areas of your home where you especially appreciate quiet, or where there’s a need to concentrate, like a bedroom or office, are definitely right for a soft-closing door.

--For safety’s sake. A soft-close door can protect against pinched fingers and other possible accidents caused by hard slams.

--User friendly. A soft- closing, self-closing door takes less force to open and close, so it’s easy to operate for all members of the family.

--Less wear and tear. Repeated slamming against end stops and door frame can cause undue wear on carriers, stops, tracks and the door itself. Self-close/soft-close protects and keeps your door in good shape and useable for years to come.

Our soft-close has two type now. One is installed on the track in advance that needs installation holes. Another can be installed by yourself. Come and pick one that you like.