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Sliding Barn Door Hardware In Three Installation
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Sliding doors are an iconic and useful element in modern design. They minimize dead space caused by door travel and easily transform two static-use rooms into one living, adaptable space that can be divided or opened up according to need. Spark Hardware offers sliding door hardware in three configuration to fit projects with varying amounts of wall space and a wide array of intended uses. Between Single, Bi-Parting, and Bypassing.

Single Door Configuration

Our Single Door Configuration is our most popular and is available with all of our sliding door hardware systems. Use oversized door panels to create an adaptable space that can easily change between open or divided depending on need. Create large, custom door panels to add design detail and tie in to overall interior decor. 

Bi-Parting Door Configuration

Our Bi-Parting Door Configuration is available with all of our sliding door hardware systems and is a great solution for high-traffic rooms with limited wall space. Because there isn’t a single large panel, tracks need only extend a little more than half the width of the opening on each side. This allows for sliding doors to be installed in large door openings where there isn’t much wall space. Bi-Parting is very popular for business conference rooms where there is high traffic into and out of meetings. Doors have a variety of defaults. Leave both open, only one side or the other open, or open both to a degree. Also, Bi-Parting door solutions adapt well to low-traffic use with people able to use only one door or the other as needed.

Bypassing Door Configuration

Our Bypassing Door Configuration needs the least amount of wall space. Bypassing doors are popular for those who’s house are not very big because they allow for easy access to either side of the space. With the Bypassing Configuration, get to things stored on either side of the closet without having to open the door all the way.