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Selection Skills Of Interior Doors
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1, first look at the style and color. The purpose of decorating the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing wooden doors is the style of wooden doors and the harmony of color and room style. The decorative style is smooth and simple to choose generous and concise style; lively and sprightly we choose lightness and elegance to match; Classical comfort is decorated with heavy elegance.

In short, the proposed choice of style acquaintance class near, 2, and then rely on color. Good color collocation is the key element of Dianran bedroom, so we have decided after the style of the next to consider is the color of the wooden door with the bedroom color. The basic color of the room is similar to the color mainly with contrast factors to mention, we can first room large environment color and light and shade, can be divided into three major colors; wall, ground, furniture soft decoration. Basically keep these three big colors can be, do not benefit too much. The color of the wooden door can be considered near the furniture color, such as the ground is a dark floor wall white with purple wood door. Large environmental colors have both contrast and maintain harmony. If you are not too sure or not in the case of a professional person's guidance, recommend this "rely on" method, do not always want to compare everywhere, in fact, the big environment has been compared, you only need to find a large environment of the door to the color of the ground or the wall or furniture, and then in the details of the difference on the Can, For example, the texture of wooden doors and the surface of the wood to distinguish between the match.

As to depending on which color should be measured according to the actual situation. 3, feel feel. After the design of color considerations, then is the product of the process and quality problems. We are not likely to go to the factory to stare at how he is processing, only through a simple means of image testing to assess the quality of the product process. Here to teach you two words: hand touch and side light look. Touch the door with the hand of the border, panel, corner, demand no scraping feeling, soft and delicate, and then stand in the side of the door to see whether the paint surface of the door has concave and convex waves.

Basically, we can know whether the workmanship is qualified by these two. 4, testing materials and manufacturers related qualification certificates. But rely on the above we can not say to buy back the satisfaction of the wooden door, wood door in the material is what kind of? Is it environmentally friendly? Here we can pass three aspects to examine; one, as far as possible choose brand reputation good manufacturers, China timber Circulation Association Wood Door Professional Committee in Beijing held a wooden door industry conference, the General Assembly through rigorous investigation and evaluation of the Chinese wooden door 30 Enterprise member units. These manufacturers in the scale of product quality and service system are more standardized. Second, through the inspection of manufacturers of related qualification certification and related industry standards are complete real, to measure its product structure is what.

Third, in the installation before the attention by looking at the door lock hole parts of the internal materials, to carry out the final checks.

In addition, the price is also a measure of quality, true only real material can not be too cheap, each kind of product has his certain cost, low and its cost limit quotation is questionable, such as the whole solid wood door production costs should be around 3000 yuan, if the merchant quotes 2500 yuan, there must be a problem.

In short, the purchase of indoor doors in accordance with the above steps, you will avoid the loss of business led by the nose of the misunderstanding.