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Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Handle
- Jul 06, 2018 -

1. Stainless steel handle strength, strong corrosion resistance, no radioactivity;

2. Rust steel handle smooth and compact surface, have good self-cleaning and easy to clean;

3. Stainless steel handle Easy maintenance, if there is a slight scratches, stainless steel handle with abrasive paper coated with toothpaste to wipe can be removed;

4. Stainless steel made up for iron rust, need to paint the maintenance of the shortcomings of the year;

5. Stainless Steel handle Appearance: clear and smooth stainless steel pattern, color rich and diverse, modelling exquisite, stainless steel handle surface brightness smooth as jade, sanding quality noble, elegant;

6. Stainless steel handle variety, shape changeable, stainless steel handle manufacturers can according to Customer sample processing, design;

7. Easy installation, stainless steel handle using seamless connection technology, good security, reasonable design, modular installation, simple and quick construction.