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Bypass Door Hardware Is Coming
- Oct 12, 2018 -

Now people don not just satisfied with single barn doors. They may need double doors to decrate their homes. And in the time, they want to save space. So the bypass door hardware is coming that is such suitable.

barn door kit.jpg

So what's the hype about bypassing doors? The bypass barn door hardware allows multiple doors to pass one another and to overlap off to the side of the entrance. This is a great application for rooms that already don’t have a lot of space on either sides of the opening. If you have ever wanted a pair of barn doors in your home, but didn’t have the wall space for the extra long track system, then bypass hardware is perfect for you!

Another great perk is how EASY these doors are to slide open. Conventional closet doors often drag on carpet, fall off the track, and get stuck. This is a huge inconvenience! The bypass barn door hardware kit allows two doors to effortlessly glide among the track for an easy and stress-free application. Worried about extra sound? No worries, Real Sliding Hardware has a solution for that as well! The noise produced is already quieter than the most common closet pocket doors.

sliding barn door kit.jpg

These new tracks come in finished steel, stainless steel, black coated, white coated and so on,  so they can match any interior decor. So get yours today!