About Us

Spark Hardware is a leading manufacturer of sliding barn door hardware. We strive to develop the most quiet, elegant and utilitarian sliding door system, from European style of sliding glass door fittings to American style of barn door hardware, from soft-closer to cushion stopper, from 80KGS to 120 KGS to 175KGS loading capacity, we never stop exploring and innovating. We have our own lab. Salt spray testing, thickness testing, loading testing and life testing have to be done for every new product, to make sure it is safety and reliable.

Quality is life of company, as well as customer. We are committed to customer service and customer satisfaction. We can design and improve new products as per customer’s request, and help to solve all kinds of problem in process of sale, installation and maintainance.



  • Energy-saving Glass Door Energy-saving Glass Door

    The glass adopts special process and coloring, so that it absorbs the solar radiant heat effectively and realizes the energy saving effect.

  • Safety Glass Door Safety Glass Door

    including tempered glass, bulletproof glasses, Rings and laminated glass.

  • Decorative Glass Doors Decorative Glass Doors

    including frosted glass, embossed glass, carved glass, glazed glass, spray glass, ice glass, emulsified glass and other types, mainly in the production of different patterns.

  • Brief Introduction Of Glass Door Brief Introduction Of Glass Door

    Glass doors are a special kind of door, the first of its thickness is not enough to say that is a solid door, and it does not belong to special-shaped doors, in fact